Does Pursuing My Own Dreams Make Me A Bad Christian?

Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

Have you ever said, “I just want to do what the Lord wants me to do”? Or, have you ever wondered, “If I pursue my own dreams, I am being selfish”?

I know I have. For years, I just did whatever was asked of me with no thought to what I desired. I’ll be honest it was easier that way. If you just do what’s asked of you rather than pursuing your dreams, it’s harder to fail.

I know not everyone has this same issue. Some of you are “bold as lions” and have no problem stepping out into your dreams. But, there are some of us are sitting back waiting for our dreams to happen…someday.

“Too many people are not living their dreams because they are living their fears. It is time that you started being the person you really want to be. It is time to reach for your dreams.” - Joyce Meyer in The Confident Women

You might be asking, “but shouldn’t I want what God wants?”

Great question. Let’s look at a scripture that addresses that.

Psalms 37:4 NASB

Delight yourself in the Lord;

And He will give you the desires of your heart.

What does it mean to delight ourselves in the Lord?

Delight in the Hebrew means: be soft, dainty ("delicate"); enjoying what is exquisite ("daintily-bred"); delight in something luxurious or exquisitely delicate.

Photo by Sam Edwards on Unsplash

Photo by Sam Edwards on Unsplash

Have you ever been to a tea room? My friend, Donna, and I love to go to a place in St. Louis called the London Tea room whenever we can. We would delight in the many varieties of teas laced with their delicate array of notes. We reveled in the luxurious flavors of scones with jam and clotted cream. We savored the exquisite, dainty delicacies.

That’s how we get to enjoy our Father God. We get to admire all He’s done and created. Delighting in Him is savoring the flavors of life, relishing in the beauty of His creation, enraptured in His exquisite presence and cherishing the luxury of His love for us.

When our hearts our enjoying our Heavenly Father like that, we’re not going to desire something contrary to His will.

Photo by Antonina Bukowska on Unsplash

Photo by Antonina Bukowska on Unsplash

We become like who we hang out with. So not to worry, our heart’s desires are going to line up with His desires.

Matthew 6:33 NKJV

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Delighting in the Lord is fulfilling what Jesus told us here.

So, it’s time to discover what’s in your heart? What’s your dream?

Embrace it. And, as you delight in Him watch your Heavenly Father work in you and through you.


What’s your dream? 

Or, what’s your favorite way to delight in the Lord?


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